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It is indeed a long climb, she thought, as she quietly made her way to the 7th floor, catching her breath for a brief moment.

It was a 15-floor building. Not a tall one, but tall enough. It's not as if there isn't any lifts - there's in fact four of them. She could definitely take a ride to the top in less than a minute, yet she went by the stairs. Although tiring, she loved that slowness in it, as it gave her time to ruminate.

Air was thick in the stairwell. A strong odor stimulated her olfactory badly. It wasn't a favorable smell, but she couldn't care less. The fluorescent lamp flickered; the cover-dimmed light; the wall was illuminated yellow.

She moved sluggishly, as if something heavy was dragging her down.

It had indeed been a long way. A tiring way. Every step was a struggle, but, still, she made it to the 15th floor.

She opened the window screen and the cool air flowed in. Her mind was racing with possibilities.

It was a beautiful day. The sky was pearl blue. Across the horizon decorated patches of cloud, moving due west. Far off in the distance a flock of pigeons were flying merrily here and there after a rainy day.

Finally, she came to a firm decision. She shut her eyes and only felt relief as she returned to the embrace of the abyss.

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