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Shitty draft...

It was the month of August, and we saw the signs of autumn everywhere. The sunset was beautiful. The burning star hung slantingly over the fields, and the cloud was burnt to a glowing red over the pale blue sky.

The autumn breeze blew gently across the face, and it felt great. The hilly terrain towards the west was painted orange by the leaves of the trees. The field we were in seemed to be filled with a bountiful harvest. The crops that looked like rice were ready to be collected, but there were overgrown weeds everywhere. The entire island is a combination of yellow, orange, red, and gold.

But this is no time to appreciate the scenery because the darkness is closing in soon. We must find a shelter soon. There is no way we can make it to the mountains before tonight.

“Have you seen anyone?” looking at the projection of his augmented map, Kelsey asked abruptly.
“No,” I answered.

“It’s weirdly quiet here. We’ve been walking for like two hours, and we’ve seen no one and nothing,” complained Kelsey.

“Good,” I said.

“Good? The equipment is so heavy! Care to carry them for me?”

“No,” I replied.

Before I said anything else, she had already opened fire towards the tree in front of us.

“Hey! Stop! You are giving away our location!” I quietly hissed at her.

“Good thing. I mean, aren’t we supposed to be here killing some monsters and enemies instead of hiking in pretty sceneries for hours? We are soldiers fighting for the world and not old people traveling to our final retirement home.”

“I know. I know. We aren’t saving the world, and you can’t just shoot like that.”

“But I’m bored! I need to kill some enemies right now, or I’m going to die out of boredom before anything.”

“Hold it off. You are an adult.” I said with a sigh, “We need to find a shelter for tonight. I feel like a storm is closing in. And monsters at night are so much more dangerous, you won’t kill them.”

The unsettling wind blew in my face. Looking up towards the sky behind us, it had turned dark before I knew it. The gray clouds rolled in our direction, and the golden sunset looked powerless. The calm before the storm always makes me shiver.

“Hey! Guess what I found?”


“Look toward 260. There’s a windmill!” exclaimed Kelsey, “we can stay there if we want.”

I looked briefly towards 260 with my binoculars and saw the windmill. It was probably two miles away, and it would take us about 20 minutes to walk there. However, the sun was already below the horizon. We must get there fast before the evil spirits and monsters in the field awaken.

Speaking of monsters, I was terrible at dealing with those strange-looking wolves. They looked so other-worldly. Like, it doesn’t have any fur. Instead, they have their moist skin exposed to the environment, dripping sticky fluid. Not to mention that they also smelled terrible, and I couldn’t even stand being close to one of them, let alone fighting one. Well, to be exact, it was usually them coming to me, not me searching for them. Of course, people sometimes kill these monsters for a good bounty, but I’m just curious who would buy these stinky monster skin for a price.

The horizon is now dark. In front of us, the sky was still somewhat clear, but all I could see was a blend of dark blue, light blue, yellow, and pale orange. Behind us, it was lightning and pitch-black clouds catching up with us. There’s still about a mile away from the windmill.

It was dead silent, and even the wind stopped. There was no sound besides the noise we made while we were marching our last mile towards the windmill. It was too unsetting for me, but Kelsey didn’t seem to mind, walking lightly beside me.

“Kelsey. Stop fooling around. It’s getting dark and dangerous,” I reminded her of the situation and told her that there could be a monster behind the trees.

“You scared? Haha!” She laughed at me.

That triggered me, but it was no time for a happy team kill, so I rolled my eyes and walked on.
“Stop,” she suddenly said quietly.

I stopped.

Yes. There seems to be another footstep following us in the darkness. Or it could be footsteps. But I cannot see a thing among the crops, especially in such darkness. Kelsey turned on the night vision on her goggles, and her eyes glowed green. She looked at me and winked. I couldn’t help thinking, but it turned out that the creepiest thing right now is my teammate.

“Let’s go,” I said quietly, “we can’t stay in the middle of the field. We are almost there.”
There will only be more predators preying over us if we stay longer. Though we have rifles and grenades, these creatures were difficult to deal with.

It started to drizzle, and we began to walk again, but faster. I gripped the weapon in my hand tightly in case I needed it. Though even more indistinctive in the sound of the rain, the footsteps are slowly following us some distance away.

It was like a million years until we finally reached the windmill. Before I could even sigh, the wolf creature jumped right out in front of us. In the darkness, I saw its muscular outline. Kelsey and I opened fire, but we could not follow its fast movement. The sound of firing immediately filled the landscape.

The gunshots seemed to have triggered its anger. Its blue-glowing eye narrowed in the dark. Finally, it stood before us, making a low growling noise.

The idea was to cut off its head to break the spinal cord, but it’s really an impossible task with these fast-moving creatures.

The wolf launched towards me, and I was unable to dodge appropriately. I think my left arm was torn open. I fell to the ground and accidentally dropped my rifle. Kelsey let out a scream, turned around, and fired at the wolf madly. I pulled out my handgun and fired at it, but the creature didn’t seem to care at all about the bullets hitting its body. It’s not even bleeding.

It launched towards me again and snatched me by my waist. Kelsey ran toward me and could see her facial expression, all so intense. Her lips were moving. I think she was calling my name.

I saw the sunset again for some reason, but the fields were painted in red.

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